Pen cup Pencil Cup Pen Cup Tiffany & and Co. Streamerica Sterling Silver Collection 2003 .925 Italy

Pencil Cup Holder

  • Tiffany & Co. Streamerica Collection
  • Sterling Silver.
  • Produced 2003.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Retail Price $525 US dollars.

Tiffany & Co.’s Streamerica in Sterling Silver is the third line of accesories inspired by the 1930’s Streamlined Design. Proud structured metal surfaces with clean and slick lines. A design motif that is pure Tiffany and simply beautiful. Although this line centers around an office theme, there are some men’s accesories that provide a “new” way of enjoying Tiffany’s great line that had been discontinued for some years. After the initial launch of the stainless steel line in 1993, the design was passed on to the exclusive 18K gold collection in 2000. The sterling silver pieces date from 2002 and most were made in Spain.

These pieces in Sterling Silver were widely accessible due to their low prices. They were made to be used and enjoyed daily. The only downside to using these sterling products is that they are more maleable and get scratched a lot easier than their stainless steel or 18K gold items.

The last item that was still available for purchased in the US website of at was the magnifier in 2014 I believe.

Each piece in the Streamerica line is designed to complement each other to form a cohesive statement in sterling silver.

This Sterling Silver Business Pencup / pencil cup holder is a one of those pieces that has been a staple on my desk for many years. I use this pen cup daily. I believe the only two pieces that are marked made in Italy are this pen cup and the card stand. These are also some of the last pieces to be manufactured on 2003, the year they stopped production on all the streamerica pieces.  It is good to note that this piece has the markings: STREAMERICA 2003 TIFFANY & CO. 925 Italy. It’s one of the few pieces that is made in Italy.

Detailed Photos of Streamerica Sterling Silver Business Pencil cup.

Pen cup Pencil Cup Pen Cup Tiffany & and Co. Streamerica Sterling Silver Collection 2003 .925 Italy

Front view of the Sterling Silver Card Pencup.

Pen cup Pencil Cup Pen Cup Tiffany & and Co. Streamerica Sterling Silver Collection 2003 .925 Italy markings underside etched

Markings on the underside of the pencil cup : STREAMERICA 2003 TIFFANY & CO. 925 Italy. ES?

Even after being used every day for nearly 10 years, its managed to stay clear of many dings and scratches. My biggest pieve about this piece and most of the desk items in this sterling silver line is that they are extremely hard to maintain clean. Due to their matte finish, they never look completely clean after you have buffed and cleaned them for a long time. This one piece in particular, maybe because of the elements and always being on my desk, gets dirty really fast. Other than this, I still would not trade it in for any other pen cup in the market.

I am not sure where I got the retail price for this item, I did purchase the photo frame myself from Tiffany’s in Bal Harbour, for $325, and this piece seems to weigh in around the same as the photo frame.

Here is a sampling of some of the printed pieces, advertisements, catalogs and website screenshots that show the sterling silver line with original retail prices.  They are rare, since around this time Tiffany began to promote their website and online ordering and fewer printed catalogs have been produced.  I have rarely managed to get any of these sterling silver pieces in a printed catalog.

If you would like to share a photo or scan of any sterling streamerica catalog items, please send them to me, thanks, so I can post them here.

Tiffany & and Co. Streamerica Sterling Silver .925 Collection 2002 Advertisement Blue Book catalog prices Ballpoint pen, oval key ring, swiss army pocket knife victorinox money clip
One of the fiew pages from Tiffany & Co. Blue catalogs that shows Tiffany & and Co. Streamerica Sterling Silver .925 Collection from 2002: the Ballpoint pen, oval key ring, Victorinox swiss army pocket knife, and money clip.