Airframe DESK Clock

  • Tiffany & Co. Streamerica Airframe Collection
  • Stainless Steel Desk Collection
  • Releassed 1993?
  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Retail Price $500+ US dollars ?

Tiffany & Co. introduced the Streamerica collection of personal accessories and watches in 1990 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its New York headquarters.

Tiffany & Co.’s Streamerica is inspired by the aerodynamic principles of the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the Streamlined designed collection evolved from the profile of a DC-3 wing and the bolted metal sheeting of airplane construction.  Steel and Industry symbolize America’s aspirations for progress and prosperity.  A Timeless expression of Man’s fascination with speed and technology – and his desire to forge a better tomorrow. 

The soaring form of an airplane wing inspired the Airframe Picture Frames and Airframe Perpetual Calendar.

This singular piece has got to be the rarest of all the Streamerica pieces that were made in Stainless Steel.  I am not even sure if this was just a sample item that was never produced or part of the original line.  It is not pictured in any Tiffany & Co. catalog nor listed in the back of the Streamerica Catalog as one of the items produced, but neither where the Bar Coaster set that I personally purchased at the Atlanta store.  I did not even knew of this piece existence until I ran across an ebay listing from Nov/Dec 2016 a week after it had ended! I totally missed out on this rare item and it sold for about $250, I think.

The design is based largely on the Airframe Desk Perpetual Calendar, so I assume it belongs to the Airframe Collection.  It has the same size and structured walls of the Calendar, but it goes all the way to the bottom like the photo frames, and has a stainless steel plaque in the back.  I have a photo of the side of the clock, but I assume it has to be thicker to accept the mechanisms of the actual clock, unlike the thin photo frames that only house the two pieces of glass plus the cardboard photograph.  

It appears to be a regular clock without an alarm.  I assume that to change the clock’s time, it must be removed from its casing, as it has no knobs in the stainless steel back plate.  It is also Swiss Made, as most of the Tiffany clocks are.  Since there is no catalog, I assume that the price for this was at least $500, since this is the price of the largest photo frame with similar if not exact dimensions, and of the Perpetual Calendar.  It had to be a little more than that since it includes the clock’s mechanism.

I also see that it has a very nice curved line on the top and bottom of the clock, unlike any of the other framed pieces.  You can see this on the side photo of the frame and the bottom part photo.

Please, if anybody has more information about this item, I’d greatly appreciate it if you posted your comments here so we can have a good record of all these incredible pieces. Thanks.


Detailed Photos of Streamerica Airframe Desk Clock.

Front view of the Rare Airframe Desk Clock by Tiffany & Co. Swiss Made.

A Detailed view of the back, base, and side of the Desk Clock.

The backpage of the 1993 Streamerica Catalog listing the complete line of Accesories manufactured by Tiffany & Co.  The prices in red were added by me to keep track of the retail prices. This Desk Clock DOES NOT appear in this listing, it would appear in the Desk Accessories section and be part of the Airframe collection.  Note that the Bar Coasters did not appear in this listing or in any catalog either.