• Tiffany & Co. Streamerica Collection
  • 18K White Gold and Leather Band.
  • Distinctive “City” Dial at 9’oclock.
  • Swiss, Made in Switzerland.
  • Retail Price $unknown US dollars.

Tiffany & Co.’s Streamerica in 18k is inspired by the 1930’s Streamlined Design.  Proud structured metal surfaces with clean and slick lines.  A design motif that is pure Tiffany and simply beautiful. The woman’s jewelry line was made in eighteen karat white gold instead of the men’s stainless steel with diamonds instead of screws.  

The other pieces in the men’s line of 18K white gold streamerica are the cufflinks and shirt studs, & a link bracelet, all of which do not contain diamonds.

This is one of those elusive pieces I have rarely come accross with on the internet.  From the few pictures I have found, the only ones that can testify to the 18K version rather than the Stainless Steel version is that its stamped in the back with the 18K Water Resistant.  None of the advertisements that I have showcase the 18K version nor its price.

All of the Streamerica watches have glow in the dark hands that work rather well.

The leather strap on most of these watches appears to be sharkskin or Stingray leather, but the one pictured with a box below looks like Alligator or Crocodile.

If anyone has any information about this piece please share it below, thanks.

Each piece in the Streamerica line is designed to complement each other to form a cohesive statement in eighteen karat gold.

Until recently some of these pieces were still available at http://www.tiffany.com

Detailed Photos of Streamerica 18K World Time Watch.

Front Dial of the 18K World Time watch.




Side view of watch showing the buttons and depoloyable buckle.

Flipside of Streamerica Backplate, showcasing the 18K stamp on the back distinguishing it from the Steel version.

View of the Clasp that opens up the deployable buckle.

I have been unable to come accross with any pictures or prices of the 18K version, I will place here some of the Stainless steel versions.

Original advertisement from Tiffany & Co. showcasing the two different models in their Streamerica line of watches. On the left, the all Stainless steel World Time Automatic Watch, and on the right, the Streamerica Automatic Chronometer with leather band. 

Page from a Yamrun jewelers catalog showcasing the Tiffany Streamerica Collection in 1993 in Stainless Steel.  Pictured here are the Airframe Picture Frames, The World Time Automatic Watch in all stainless steel, a smaller Carapace Pocket Knife, Laminar Money Clip, Trylon Letter Opener, and Curviline Key Ring, all with 1993 prices.

W Magazine Advertisement – Nov 1993 featuring the debut of the Streamerica Collection by Tiffany & Co. Pictured here are the Airframe Large Picture Frame, Carapace Pocket Knife, World time Watch, Metrozone Travel Alarm, and Porthole Key Ring.  The prices were added by me later.

One of two pages featured in John Loring’s 1997 Book: Tiffany’s 20th Century: A Portrait of American Style. Pictured above are the Perisphere Nesting Boxes in three sizes, Porthole Keychain, and World Time Wristwatch with Stainless Steel Band.

An Innovation in Watchmaking:  A page from the original 1993 Streamerica Blue Catalog by Tiffany & Co. that accompanied this line.  This page showcases the World Time Watch and explains its mechanism in detail. 

A page from a Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Catalog from the late 90’s showcasing the Streamerica Stainless Steel Collection:

Two Perisphere Nesting Boxes, the World Timer Automatic Watch with white face and leather band, the Automatic Chronometer in all brushed steel band, the geodome cufflinks, and the Curviline key ring.

A page from Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Catalog Holiday Selections 1995 showcasing the Streamerica Stainless Steel Collection: Porthole Key ring and World Time Automatic Watch with leather band.