Caprice de Star, 2007.

  • Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume.
  • September 2007.
  • 15th Anniversary bottle (1/3)
  • Created by Brosse Master Glassmakers in France.
  • Blue tinted glass base
  • .33 Fl. Oz.
  • Retail Price $ 190 US dollars.

The 2007 Caprice de Star marks the first time Mugler uses this new shape of perfume bottle, which unfortunately will be repeated numerous times (7 I think) with slight variations in the base of the bottle:

  • 2007 La Part des Anges,
  • 2008 Superstar Deluxe,
  • 2010 Mugler Show Delectable,
  • 2011 Mugler Metamorphoses,
  • 2012 Midnight Star,
  • 2013 Fur Hair Accessory &
  • 2013 Excessive Star (Both these 2013 are almost identical).
    All these are very nice bottles, but I wish the stoppers would have varied somewhat among them and not only the base.

The Caprice de Star bottle has a slight blue coloration to the base glass of the bottle, similar to 2003 Mystic Star’s purple haze.  Filled with Eau de Parfum EXTRAIT .33oz, it retailed for $190.  This “Ultimate Star” as I have seen it called brings a silver string wrapped around the lower part of the neck of the bottle and is held in place by a nice round metallic star pin or pendant.  
The box text depicts in five languages:

Angel grants our dreams in revealing its ultimate star.

Angel Perfume Extract: a true honey delight. 

A precious filter of seduction

To gently touch on the most sensual points of the body.

Photos of Thierry Mugler’s Caprice de Star Perfume Bottle.

Top view showcasing the Swarovski stopper.

Advertisements of Thierry Mugler’s Caprice de Star Perfume Bottle.

Screenshot from parfums, reissue included with a gift set.

Photos of Thierry Mugler’s Caprice de Star Box Presentation.

The black velvet box is a nice touch, shaped like a round container and inside its lined in mirror metallic paper to reflect on the bottles inner beauty.  I have not been able to confirm if its numbered and how many where made, please leave a message if you have the certificate of authenticity, thanks.

A view of the outer presentation box with text about the Ultimate Star bottle.

A view of the inner black luxurious velvet mirrored case housing the limited edition bottle.